The story behind “Bird In Your Hand”

A story has emerged on the internet now that Take That has said to release a new “III” album with 4 new songs.
A woman called Nancy Mess Corson has posted an amazing, touching story which we would like to share with you too.
We asked her if we could post it on our website and she gave her permission.
She also send us a lovely photo of her family, taken a month before her husbands death. May he rest in peace and live on in Take That’s song and our hearts.
This is her story…


BIG NEWS TT related!!! (I guess I can finally talk!? )
Part of my late husband’s song “bird in your hand” has made it on Take That’s new album!!!! Yes you read that right… NO JOKE. Below is the full story…get your tissues out girls!!! I am OVER THE MOON with this and have been DYING to share! The music business clearly isn’t for me…gotta keep secrets from people no matter how excited you are to share them with the world 😉

As some of you might remember, back in January I was trying to get the boys’ attention because I found a song that my husband wrote for me 15 years ago, called “bird in your hand“. I was trying to see if the boys can make it into the song as I only have the lyrics. He never wrote down the music.
My husband Mike passed away last November due to alcoholism leaving behind me and 2 boys now age 6 and 2.
He had never sung the song to me.
We lost the paper with the lyrics for about 10 years and just found it a few weeks before his death…well, about 2 months after he died I had the paper in my hands and wishing nothing more than to hear him sing this song to me… the lyrics are beautiful.
I just wanted someone to put music to it…and I had the crazy idea of getting the boy’s attention with this for whatever reason :)
Even if they could just hum a melody or something to it…anything really…well, about 2 weeks later, after I sent it to various people, I was told that the story has reached the boys and I was forwarded a message from Mark Owen saying that my story made his heart stop and he was so touched… and that they would TRY to do something with the lyrics! But no promises!

…well, fast forward 8 months of hearing nothing about it, I get another message asking for my email address! And a week later I see a mail from no other than Jonathan, TT’s manager, in my inbox asking me to please call him to discuss the song!
As you can imagine I was just a complete mess after that… and FUCKING SCARED of calling…what if the boys are with him? What if they talk to me? What if I pass out or die on the phone then alone in my house because of that???? LOL
Well, I did call him after I calmed my nerves… and he said “the boys had written a song called ‘bird in your hand’ and are asking for my permission to use some of Mike’s lyrics within the context of their song“…D’uh…of course I said yes and then Jonathan said something that made me almost pass out… “and they want it on the next album!” HOLY SHIT !!!! “Mike will be credited” he said… the boys were very touched and want to make my husband’s family proud.
At this point he didn’t know who would sing it but said Mark probably as it was HIS idea !!!!!
I knew I struck a nerve with him with my story of alcoholism and depression. (I had tears running down my face when he said that, as Mark has always been my absolute #1). Once recorded they would send it to me to see if I like it (as if that’s ever in question!)… and 2 weeks later the song was in my inbox. It was beautiful. Hearing Mark sing Mike’s words…I can’t even put it in words how much that meant.

I mean how unreal is this??????? I have been an emotional wreck ever since. I am really hoping I will get my chance to thank them in person one day!
So when you buy the actual album, you will see that “bird in your hand” was co-written by my late husband, Michael Corson. This is just beyond amazing! And such an honor.

Writing was my husband’s passion. Unfortunately his depression and alcoholism prevented him from pursuing any serious writing ambitions… But thanks to Take That, the world can now see his passion. What a huge honor!!!!

Thank you Mike. thank you Ben. thank you Mark. Thank you Take That!!!!

Nancy Mess Corson


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