Take That III – Ziggodome, Amsterdam October 7th 2015

It took a while but as you all know Take That was back in The Netherlands for a concert yesterday. It was the first concert in The Netherlands as Take That III.
As soon as you entered the venue you knew you were at a Take That concert. The stage was overwhelming and brought the fans closer to them with a B-Stage and a center walk-through.

The men took you through different scenes: A musical scene from the early 1900’s with venders, a colorful ocean, a red colored china with a geisha and ninja’s plus a dedication to the Pet Shop Boys.

After an entertaining intro the lads started the show with a song from the new album “I Like it”. Which was also the start of the first scene, the musical. Followed by “Love Love” an up-tempo song too.
They also sang “Greatest Day” “Get Ready For It”.
During Hold Up A light” we asked the fans on FaceBook & Twitter to actually hold up a light and they did, not so many orange, but we did see other colors, mostly white. At the end of the song Mark thanked everyone for the lights.
There come-back single “Patience” made an appearance too.

After “Patience” there was an interlude as they were building up the stage for the underwater ocean scene. They sang “The Garden” while there was a big screen up where they played a shadow show.
When the screen went down you could see the beautiful & colorful ocean scene and they continued singing “The Garden” which was followed by “Up All Night”.
“Said It All is a ballad where you can just sit down and relax.
During “Could It Be Magic” the crowd exploded and lots of people started to dance.
When they sang “Let In The Sun” there was no fireball like they had in the UK, we missed it, but it didn’t make the song any less good.

“Affirmation” was a little wink to the Pet Shop Boys, dressed in a long white coat and sang by Howard who was later joined by Mark & Gary.
After that they played another hit song of there’s “The Flood” which was followed by “Flaws” a beautiful ballad sang perfectly by Gary and tranlated by Howard & Mark with a modern dans.

After the ballad “Flaws” the crowd exploded again as usual during “Relight my fire” which was also the start of the China-scene. The band used a lot of fire on stage.
“Pray” “Back For Good” where some golden oldies which passed the scene too.
“These Days” “Rule The World” were the last 2 songs they played….or at least they said so 😉 Gary said that they MIGHT have rehearsed 2 more songs :-p

Of course they had 2 more songs to play, which were “Shine” and the best closer of all “Never Forget” a song which they just HAD to play like they always do!! The crowd joined in during the chorus holding up there arms!
They ended it with yellow confetti…what a party it was!

The full two hours flew by and it was a great colorful and entertaining show!

We hope you all enjoyed the show and look back on a unforgettable evening.
We sure do and can’t wait until they are back again!

In the meanwhile .. enjoy the pictures we took & join us on our FaceBook to talk with other fans.

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Written by: Patricia (& Stephanie)


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